being picked up

I am an admin on my spacebuild server and people can still pick me and my props up. I cant figure out whats wrong. Please help me if you need any information i will be glad to provide it. If you can assist me i can reward you somehow.

Download a good admin mod

ok i used exsto i used assmod i have used evolve nuthing works i have used no admin mod nuthing works here are the addons on the last server test

Spacebuild Model Pack
Wire Extras
Simple PP
Pew Pew
Smart Constraint
Superparent Multi
Nocolide Multi
Paint Remover

and Spacebuild 2

Exsto has a physgun pickup plugin built in - you probably didn’t configure it right.
Assmod has one out there in an assmod plugin pack
Dunno about evolve - not used it.

i used assmod as well and it did the same thing. I tryed ulx its just something is not working and i dont know what. it happened randomly and i can not fix it no matter what.

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can someone please help me

Are you fucking retarded? Learn to spell and use proper grammar and then come back with your idiotic questions.

ok mr. nazi he just wants some help and being you, you have to be a dick :))


It might be something anomalous going on with SBEP. Is everything up to date?

yes i am using the svn of everything and to my best friend" the “grqmersadhwe’f NAZQI” i was typing this on my new smart phone still getting used to it

Try out Evolve admin mod and Falco’s prop protection. The Spacebuild server I go to uses Falco’s PP and it’s great. You can set exactly what you allow the other player you’re sharing with to do.
My friend’s server however, uses Evolve mod and it’s pretty great as well. It’s like a spruced up ULX.

ok thank you, i am wondering could the issue be caused my stargate?

One of the entities allows picking up players, Tiberium or something i believe, that is if you have it.

What entity is it, and what steps should i take to make this not happen. And i would like tiberium on my server/

does anyone know any other information on this or any idea what to do

Well if Tiberium is the source of the problem it would be worthwhile removing it and/or checking if there is an updated version.

i will try the server without tiberium or any of the other mods i suspect and it all is good will make a backup of the server so if something goes wring i can just install the backup.

Funny that this guy is getting used to his smartphone for 8 months already…
Also wasn’t this that guy that told idiotic things that “probably worked”

no and i got a new bb i had a storm and now i got a torch, and its a big diff and no i was the guy who posted 1 thin g on like 5 questions and it worked on all but like 2. and people bitched that i copied and pasted something that worked.

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if this does not work what should i try?

Thank you, i do think it is tiberium right now. I will look more into it and try to fix tiberium. i will post back of i fix it and with the fix.