Being spammed with chrisaster's e-penis files

Hello everyone, I had this problem back in December of last year. I had joined a server with no one in it and it looked perfectly find in the server browser. When I got in my screen turned yellow and it read across the screen, " don’t turn off your steam or your ******." So I did so and my steam wouldn’t start back up. I fixed that and I could play again. And I, for one, did not have any issues with my configuration settings or anything relating to Gmod. The only problem I had was these .txt files being spammed everywhere in my hard drive. So I proceeded to delete them all and I thought, " Problem fixed." So for about 7 months I had no problem with more files being created like that. But all of a sudden I found tons of the same files created just last week in my main root C:\ drive, but this time they were not just, “.txt” files, I saw .dll files and Winamp files. So, I am asking if anyone can give me some answers on what to do? Possibly, how to stop these files from being created or completely removing this virus or whatever it is, because they keep being created somehow and by something. And sorry if there was anyone else who posted the same thing.

It could be a non-chrisaster virus and one you got from the interwebs.

Well considering I started getting spammed in December right after that yellow screen and right before i got my steam working I saw those files. So it had to be from Gmod. And considering it is copying real files and making 100 copies and then just renaming itself ************************… , it is not lua.

December LAST YEAR?!?!?!?! reads somemore of post Oh… you cant really stop a virus…everyone re-instals everything on the computer at the same time…

Oh and what I mean by “Stoping A Virus” is making it ever “infect” someone again

Well, thanks for your help.

Reinstall your operating system, this isn’t a Garry’s Mod issue…

I would suggest getting AVG - anti virus and malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware. Those should get rid of any unwanted programs/files.

That doesn’t work against this.