Being stalked by naked guys - normal?

Like 3 naked guys started stalking me after I killed wolves who were chasing them.
I wonder why people are naked at beginning of game? Jeez, I haven’t seen anyone running thru forest like that IRL. :v:

Lollll! If everyone could have fun like these guys … I guess Rust would be even more scary … But more funny lol … Shhhhhhhh im earing sound alll around usss :open_mouth: omg we are cornered Barely some nude guys running around you in the night hehehe

Looks funny loll

Imagine yourself walking in the woods when suddenly a naked man runs towards you saying “na na na na na naaaa” LOL xD
…would be too creepy

It seems pretty normal.

On my first night of Playing this Game i was hitting a tree on the brow of a hill when i heard someone talking in french i turn around to see 20 naked french people running up the hill with there rocks in there hand! horrified as i was i watched them reach the top of the hill then hear gun shots and them all run back down the hill and scatter into different directions and 2 fully Armour Germans run after them, It was a really really weird and funny night. seeing as though i couldn’t breath after words xD

So… 20 then? I guess they’re the new jews. Im not making a mean joke, some of my family is jewish. Im just making a statement that germans cant always be nice to people.