Being very happy by not playing fucked up games

So the story starts with me about almost buying this game, which apparently is an enormous failure.
By the way… everything here is based on other people experience within this game. I am glad I didn’t ended up buying this thing. I know one for sure. When people say the game is really bad, you still find something attracting most of the times. But this thing called Rust has so many negative opinions that it really made me come here and express myself and tell others about it. Not only it being badly developed but also the attitude and behavior of game masters. Sheesh…
Thank god I was smart enough to look for reviews about this game in forums.

I hope suspending or temporarily interrupting your servers stability will help to keep people from trying this game.

I don’t think you’re in the right place going to the “birth” place of Rust and complaining about it here, without even having bought it.

As for your idea of being “nice” and telling us folks about it, I don’t see you having any actual arguments.
AFAIK Rust is still in a beta (maybe alpha) stage, so “bad development” can’t be blamed for bad gameplay.
Next to that, the attitude of “game masters” (I suppose admins?) has nothing to do with the quality of a game. Make your own server, if others dislike your taste.

My point is that you are obviously no game-critic, and as you didn’t even PLAY the game, I don’t see why I would value your opinion on any level.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even own Rust and am preeeetty sure I’m not gonna buy it, but if I’d want to, I’d surely go look for reviews.

Not this shabby post.

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Why did I go into these forums again.

No you’re wrong. This post itself would make people go looking for reviews and then discovering this game is full of shit with me being the hero who saved the day, but if one like you
doesn’t care about what other people say and he is so stupid to try every single fail on his own ass then be my guest. World is full of fools.

Secondly, who the fuck cares about game itself when there is bunch of “insert unique sword word here” developers who stand behind all this with their big e-penises and egos? I’ve
talked with enough people and they told me about those bans for asking simple questions and about game masters who are using their privileges inside the game. And then you have
all the hacks inside the game. It seems like it’s a 20th century game made by valve… seriously. I am just saying this for those who don’t understand why this game is being DDoSed.
Just shut it down…

And now finally “Its still in alpha/beta development stage” cliche. Seriously. That is like the cheapest excuse in nowadays gaming industry. I’m not sure there is at least 1 mmorpg that
is not on beta, alpha, delta or charlie stage. Jesus, how sad you had to bring this pathetic excuse. I’m shocked.

Pretty funny, you say that there is so many negative opinions about this game and that you are happy you didn’t buy it. Yet there are THOUSANDS of people playing this game while it is in ALPHA stage. It’s nowhere near finished.

I have bought this game with 3 IRL friends. I haven’t had so much fun on an online game for a while. For some reason I just can’t stop playing this game. And yes I have lost all of my items several times due to raids, and I have been betrayed by people. But that’s what makes the game so much fun for me.

Edit: After reading some more of the bullshit you are yelling. Your argument about server admins abusing and banning for stupid reasons is incorrect. There are indeed some servers that have retarded admins, but there are also OFFICIAL SERVERS. Servers that are not hosted by players. No one will force you to play on community servers, so you have nothing to complain about.

That’s what sad face garry told you? Seriously… I have no idea how one can yet enjoy a game with all the DDoS attacks, duping, hacking in addition to people whom stand behind this game and their acting like “everything is ok”.

Ha ha. You’re funny.
Say it to people who made around 20 pages of complaints about this game. And that’s just 1 nationality players with less than 3 mil population country. That fact alone convinces me beyond measure.

Great snipping certain parts of my post out of your reading, surely I care what some people say.
If they have any idea about what they’re saying.
Again, you are obviously no game critic, and don’t seem to be knowledgeable in the way a game has to be made. The intricacies that are nowadays involved, the time that truly has to be invested.

Your reply and ignorance makes me think you are no more than a troll, anyway, trying to start shit in these forums.

Then again I’ve learned never to underestimate the ignorance of man.

This game is more than 100x Worth what it costs XD.

Fucking awesome. but if alpha things are what you complain about. dont get an alpha game XD

Nah, reading again, definite troll.

Fucking automerge.

True there are some negatives. in the otherwise best game of atleast the year.

I have no idea what kind of LSD you’ve been on, but literally nobody ever has said ‘everything is ok’.
This game is far from perfect. Seriously, try to prove your point - find someone who thinks this game is not broken right now.

LOL another idiot thinking he is amazing because he can use a program that can interrupt server connections. You know you are a giant loser in the real world when you gotta mess with other people’s fun, then come on the forums saying you saved everyone. You also must be a christian, the way you talk has that self righteous hint to it. You sir are nothing more than a child and a loser who needs to get laid.

Just so I understand you hate a game you never played? Way to kill logic. I can honestly say i’ve never hated a game i’ve never played. The closest i’ve come is to not playing a game because I saw the gameplay and didn’t think it looked cool.

I have a well trusted source of information so I really don’t need or want to try this disastrous game on my own. If you fail to understand this fact then your arguing is pointless because I’m not.

(User was permabanned for this post ("joined just to complain about nothing" - postal))

Ok so you are actually this stupid?
Let me tell you this: The game has been getting DDoS’ed for 3-4 days. While the game was getting DDoS’ed there were still a few thousand people trying to play the game. The other thousands of people were posting on the forums, waiting for the game to come back online. And now, the first day after 3 days of DDoS, there are actually literally 23,234 players in-game right now.

But ofcourse, if you say the game sucks because you obviously know it the best of all. You must be right!

keep in mind that he thinks a game sucks that he never played before

I also discovered not only the issues of the game and developers but also how naive and dumb it’s community must be to play this crap made by those people and act like its the best game evvaaaarrr! Jesus. I am really stupid, what was I expecting?!?!


Nice to see you finally notice. I hope to never see you on this game. Go back to CoD and LoL, cya!

I have in my life rarely met such overflowing stupidity

Yes it’s a stupidity we’re facing on day to day occasions while trying hide it within ourselves, but it doesn’t go that deep for me as it goes for you guys. So I don’t have anything to hide nor should I. While on the other hand I just pointed out how really big of a stupidity, more like being a total retard issue you guys have while trying to polish the pile of shit hoping it will look better and denying to see the truth at the same time. So honestly, put your troll masks aside, find your balls and tell me in the face how dare you even bring up with word like “stupidity” after this?

This is the most correct opinion that you’ve entered.