Being Watched

(Okay, so most people put music describing the mood of the pictures. I’m going to try that.)

So I felt like making what I saw in my head whenever I’m in public while using an editing program at the same time because it’s 1:11 PM and sleeping is for wusses. [sarcasm]I love you brain.[/sarcasm]

(Edited in Paint.NET)
(Maps: cs_office and de_forest.)

(Fun fact: I left the guy on the right’s face up in GMOD with the effects (darkness, contrast) still on. I forgot he was right in front of me, looking at the camera. When I alt-tabbed, I scared the living shit out of myself [“WOAH FUCK THAT SHIT!” -Stormchaser12]. I disconnected from the game in fear.)

(Original Version:

Oh god you just made my day

Is anyone going to comment on this?