Being Watched

My attempt at a tribute to District 9.

It’s good, though could have added some more garbage, and ground texture sucks but thats not your fault. Nice angle but a tad too much noise. have a paint plate thingy

Grainn, it burns

Yeah…I was trying to make it look like it was taken through a low-grade camera.
But, luckily, I have the unaltered version. Right.

Yeah, I do need some more garbage in the foreground at least. There’s already a good bit in back I think.

EDIT! Alright, Added some more trash and ditched the grain effect.
This any better?

The grain and lens flare are both quite bad. In the second version there is too much contrast and it makes the picture feel too dark, especially considering the environment it’s in.

I see a Vort!
Anyway very cool looking scene.

Well, the original, unaltered shot was fairly dark, so I figured I’d just run with it and make it look like a late afternoon time. I did a version were it was brighter and it didn’t look too good to me, so I used this one. And what’s wrong with the lens flare?