Beirut, Lebanon - 1982 "The Lebanon War"

Facepunch resizing shit, click the thumbmail for fullscreen. Everything apart from black bars and minor sharpen was done ingame.
I didn’t find any IDF soldier model (a shame) so I had to use Simkas’ vietnam models which I found rather similar (well, of course it’s not, but that’s the best I could find)

Looks good. I think there’s some floating rubble on the dead terrorist by the tank on the far right. Otherwise it’s great, maybe a little devoid of color.

Yep I just figured about that floating rubble. As for the colors, it’s cold on purpose, thanks for the feedback

Saw Watlz With Bashir just the other day. You haven’t lost your touch with in-game editing. fine job, man.

Israeli version of apocalypse now.

“I love the smell of burning civilians in the morning”

Smart choice of models actually. Good work overall for minimal photoshopping.

Waltz with Bashir is a great movie/documentary. I have it on DVD.

I love it.

You can use to upload photos without resizing dude

It’s kinda fucked up right now I’d rather not.

Huh, my Uncle Tim served in Beirut.

Interesting story actually. His barracks was apparently bombed and he was “on guard duty”. Turns out he and his best friends had swapped their shifts that day, so his friend died while he lived. I guess he cheated death, but it’s unfortunate for his friend.

When I was done watching the movie I remembered about my uncle talking about his injury in Beirut, I asked my dad about it for more details, apparently he was there and was injured in the leg by a grenade while getting out a truck, this place was a mess.

Waltz with Bashir ftw.

Also, I’ll try to make some hacks israeli soldiers from 80’s.