Belgian soldiers ?

Hi everybody. I never found any Belgian soldier model for Garry’s Mod so I searched on the web and I found those skins for Arma II :

I was wondering if someone could port them for me or at least, teach me how to port from that game(I heard that Arma devellopers don’t allow us to port from their games) ?
I really need them ! Thanks in advance.

BIS goes apeshit when people port from their games. So porting isn’t an option

Even if I keep them for me ?

I do recall a BIS dev saying it wouldn’t be a crime if a porter went and ported them for themself, not releasing a download link to the public.

I think he said sorta something like “It’s not a crime what people do in their own home. As long as it remains in their home.”

People are a lot less willing to do a project just for one person unless it’s for themslves.

Most requests that are fullfilled are for models the porter things he or she might like themselves and others would enjoy.