Believe all under Sun and Moon; Shoplift a thought or two.

so basically ellis is stealing francis’ thoughts and it’s frying his synapses one by one; causing millions of microscopical internal bleedings within his brain. there, i explained it to you. you ruined it.

This is a rather cool concept brah. Though it looks like that stealing his thought’s is having a painful effect on our boi Francis.
But yeah, great editing as well dewd.

great stuff, though he was feeling francis’s buzzcut

Looks pretty, but I don’t really get it.

angle is delicious

I have absolutely no clue what’s going on here.

"Oh Francis…your hair is so…soft."

Oh now I get it.

I don’t think Francis will survive the process of Ellis stealing his thoughts. :frown:

Everything is kicking rad, just one little tiny thing. What’s wrong with his left hand’s fingers, the pixels man.

Ellis’s thoughts are gonna be full of hate.

His first new thought will be, “I hate Keith.”

haha is this the origin of zombies

Ellis’ arms are gross.

saggy old man-arms

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which you know too well

Nice done

Very good. I like it.

So thats why you can see their silhouettes ingame.