"Bell Ranger" Helicopter

Upload of an old project of mine and snotporridge’s.


PHW (3 skins)

Original release: Circa Jan 2006

Because of its age, I’m releasing it to open modification here at FP.


oh man I remember this from years ago back when we made the PHW military skins

Was nice back in the day, and remains nice now.


Oh shit I remember these.

Good to see it rehosted.

are the rotors detached?

it would be sweet if they are

No, but it has the same animations as the hunter chopper and could, in theroy, replace it with the model manipulator. I think. I did the textures, not the model.

Oh lol, I still have the FP version.

Fainlly some chopper models realeased, any planes though?

what do you mean “Fainlly some aircraft models realeased”
did you not see hawx in gmod or militry models 2?

no no

is that “no no i did see it” or “no no i didn’t”

no no i did see it

Holy shit. I thought this was a bump. I remember these. :eek: