Belly of the Beast

you picked the RIGHT song. it does actually makes you to want to see deeper into the picture .
well done

Wow dude, this is fantastic! I really like the lack of wasted space. Keep it up!

Next make a picture in which they fight an endless horde with this music behind it.

P. cool.

Too bad about the aliasing.

Defiantly one of my favorite pictures from you.

Great sence of depth

Perfect use of Depth of Field.

That lighting is really sexy. Contrast and brightness are also delicious.

I don’t find the music very fitting but I definitely like the picture, looks great.

The music isn’t very fitting. I know you probably don’t care but whatevs :v:. I mean, I get where you’re going with it, but even The Sound Of Silence would’ve been A LOT more fitting, even perfect for the context of the pic.

It’s a nice picture nonetheless. Shame about the aliasing on the crowbar and the rebels though.

obviously the music wasn’t chosen to fit. although i probably should’ve found something that would fit. i didn’t want to go with sound of silence, since it’s used everywhere. whatevs.

thanks anyways guys

Over-used or not, the Sound Of Silence is a perfect fit to this picture, in my opinion. Since the rebels are waiting for the next wave of antlions, in what I imagine would be, total silence.

Colours in this picture are neat.

except the thumping sound of their feet

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which, coincidentally, is the same sound you make when you touch yourself at night deri

Well sure, I’m guessing the antlions would make noise. But the conversation between the rebels would be to a minimum, again, as I imagine.

Nice work, I like it.

Somehow I don’t think that those weapons doesn’t fit in the pic.

But everything else is great.

Sometimes the loads on the replies keep asking me to leave the page O.o

Is a great pic dude