Belmont Riot.

Something I felt like making in my free time.

I made a little story to go with it :smiley: Enjoy.

1878 - People came to the land and colonized the area, President Belmont K. McKinley Founded the village and named it after him self.

1892 The town began to bloom, Business began to grow, farming and lumber began to become one of the most important businesses in Belmont.

1897 - President Belmont K. McKinley Died at age 76 Leaving Belmont’s brother " William McKinley " as the new president of the small blooming Economy.

1902 - President William McKinley Began to recruit workers and started working on the new, Train system that would Effect how the citizens of the area moved around quicker then ever.

1903 - 1 year later the Train system was complete, Afterwards President William McKinley Began destroying the forests for building larger structures like mini malls and factories for the lumber business. 2 months later, the people began protesting against the act , Citizens started burning down the mini malls and lumber mills leaving them in ruins.

1920 - Belmont expanded its size and soon became a large city, The government created the first national forest. They also created a statue in memory of the founder of the city " Belmont McKinley " . Citizens began protesting against the city funds, they believed that the city was spending more money on the national parks then the health care and policing.

1942 - The city began to keep a lookout for any signs of planes in the sky , World war 2 took a big roll on the city its self, More citizens were more concerned about if they would be bombed by the Japanese. The Government officials soon decided to create an array of AA guns On the boarder of the bay near the factories. As the months went by the National Disease and control Prevention started looking into their newest case " H8A1 or ( rat virus ) A flu that was carried by fishermen that came across the lakes , caused by rats.

1972 - The mayor and city hall began making new jobs and keeping the city in tip top condition, they created more rules about voting causing many people to go into a riot stage against the rules, The mayor created rules that would prevent anyone older then 78 to have legal voting rights due to a man in 1971 broke hes leg at a school when voting. The riot began to become more unstable, the schools began to go up in flames, The police and swat teams started taking action. Hundreds of civilians are killed in the riot and police begin shooting anyone near the city hall that looks suspicious.

2 months later - Riots begin to cool down, citizens begin to go back into their every day lifes in the blooming economy. The new mayor decides that he will donate to " Belmont Childrens Hospital."
Police and FBI are still on watch of any riots or illegal acts.

1997 - City Hall is on lock down , Voting begins, The mayor wins. The city beings to go into chaos again, No one knows why.

5 months later, Riots are under control again, People are hearing reports of terrorist activity in the county. No one has seen anything that day of the report.

2004 - The city has now became from a small town into a huge metropolis. from a tiny window in a 747 you can see thousands of lights on the city streets, The city has more forces in the police . Swat teams are on stand by. Nothing out of the ordinary but your Average Grand Theft Auto and Murders.

2007 - The mayor wins another Election. Gas Prices continue to go up , The mayor is making more laws and speeches about Schooling and Education.

2009 - Chief Of police " Commander Mark Harrington gets a phone call, Reports of a Hijacked car is springing all over the Police Radio chatter. Police spot the car and open fire on the wheels, The car continues to roll down the street at 100 miles per hour. Later, Riots begin to flare up onto the street level, People are being shot, Gangs begin to start lighting the buildings on fire, Police are killed in action, Swat teams begin to respond.

2 hours later - The military are warned of the situation, They take action, The national guard begin shooting anyone near the City hall, Bodies begin to pile up at the door way.

7:30 Pm ( A Military Truck goes down a road when a rocket goes flying at the trucks passenger window. Killing both soldiers.

1 month later - The Riot begins to turn into a blood bath, It turns into a war against the Government and the Rebels. From the valley you can see the hole city on fire, The Military begins to sound sirens of evacuation, Cars are jammed on the intersections being bombed out by Molotov cocktails. The War continues to become under control the next month but a couple days later it starts happening again, and continues the same pattern.

2020 - The president and almost every one that lives in the United states is aware of the Riot in Belmont city. The national guard begin to set up roadblocks and fences to keep the rioters from out numbering the swat and military.

2021 - The president gives the order to use Operation Hammer down, The Military flies to the middle of the city and drops a tactical nuke, It destroys everything in its way killing anyone in the range of 200 yards, causing the riot to end. For now.

2 years later - The president gets a call from the United Nations Embassy building in New York City.

This took me 7 hours to create, Please dont insult how gay it looks XD , It was my first attempt to make something gooood > :smiley:

Was this a scene build?If so nice job. I liked the 1st,5th and last one those are pretty good.

Pretty good but the blur rape was a bit bad.

The map was Gm_atomic, and i Decided it would look more like a riot event if the map was torn to pieces, and the fog in gm_atomic really fits on the story line i created. I just put trees everywhere and shit. :smiley:

Looks good, but doesn’t look like a riot.

^Right. Did a nuke go off or something?

Nice scenebuild but the colored prop cars look kinda dumb.

What did I just see?

Scene build was awesome, the story was boring as hell. Actually hells quite fun so what am I saying.

What building props did you use?

TF2 Sky box props. I went into the skybox, I also used some special effects, i got from,

I basically just went into the skybox, Recaculated were you would be standing when i placed them so im not being smashed by a building when i take the pic.

I think they’re tf2 skyboxes except just stacking and clipping the same model over each other to look bigger…

Before i did this project I actually did research on riots, I watched movies along time ago about them in LA, So if a riot like that went off you will expect to see some crazy shit going on, I made it so that the rebels lighted the city on fire with torches, ( as it shows ) , Explosives bla bla bla.


Oh and… Just to spice things up, In the story, the military nuked the city XD

Use this so your cars looks natural than using color tool…

Thanks. I will reconsider using this on my next project, Tommarow Ill start something totally different!

Maybe zombahs :smiley:

Wait another note use the vehicles not the props they also look natural even sometimes it lags but worth it…

I know. I was In so much of a hurry to release this, I was Orginally gonna just make a gm_atomic_reborn kinda thing but i thought of the hole riot and story line.

Take time trust me…
Funny my police officer at school has the same name as Harrington

I don’t get how any of this has anything to do with the Belmont riots… it’s just some blur-raped pictures with some terrible car models.

I have alot more pictures of the riot dude, I just couldnt put them all in