Ben 10 models

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you can make some ben 10 models? They don’t have any and I’m sick of this. One day my friend said we need ben 10 models and I was like they dont have any, so he was like we should ask some body nice to do it.So I am asking if you guys can do it. I have posted pics of what we need so can any body help me out? Thanks.

I thought ben 10 was one shitty cartoon.

Why would you want these?

I doubt anyone is willing to make a completely custom model from scratch. Especially from a cartoon.

manga crap… its just a cartoon wanting to make profit. by making models u help them make money…

While I DO agree with your statement,
Manga is the collection of comic books.
Almost exclusively done in black and white.
Ben 10 wasn’t a manga, though it would have made a crappy one.
Again, I DO agree, but it wasn’t a manga.

The only thing Ben 10 is good for is rule 34 :q:

Why… why on earth would you go there…

Because this is the Internet. And the Internet is for porn.

fail thread is fail

Define manga.

Also explain to me how making models helps them make money. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Can we stop the argument about manga/anime/cartoon/comic definitions, please? Just go read the wikipedia article summaries for crying out loud.

In regards to the models, it seems the only person who remotely wants one is the OP. Would you kindly limit yourself to one thread, please?

Because this person is 10 :v:

Sick of not having Ben 10 models? What are you going to do with a bunch of Ben 10 models?