Ben 10 Omnitrix???

I think someone should make ben 10 omnitrix that transforms player into different type of npc’s or even props.

as dumb as that sounds, it’d be really cool

it would be cool if there was a modeler and lua coder to do that

This makes me laugh for some reason?

It would be possible to do props easily, or even player models. You could do what some pills do, and set player speed, health, overlay,etc then give them a special swep. You could make this a swep itself, and then make it specialize to do certain functions, however, you would need to make special animations (on top of the models) to form the different view models.
In short, tons modelling, not horrible lua, still to much work that many people here are willing to do here.


And don’t use excessive punctuation; it makes you look like an idiot.

that whould be badass

How would it? I’m just saying that most people here wouldn’t have enough patience to do something like this. I could code this, but I won’t model nor actually do any of this. It’s just too much work for something wouldn’t want.