Benchmark Test

I just recently did a benchmark test. The results kind of shocked me and what not, here is the picture of the results, i should actually say link.

I dont believe it should be like this considering i dont have a super terrible computer…

Anyone want to point me in the right direction to improve this?

upgrade your graphics card

Post your benchmarks people, lets help out the developers

It’s a laptop. So unless he wants to buy a new computer just to play Rust (which would be retarded), well.

@OP: I have approx. the same configuration. Same CPU, almost same GPU (740M), same amount of RAM… I’ll try the benchmark later today and post the results.

I guess im a low spec user, but holy fuck i did way worse than expected…

How does this benchmarking work? Does it benchamrk at the quality settings you’re currently using or will it take a fixed enviroment entirely?

I’ll be updating this once i get back to my main system.

I have some issues with this benchmarking. It seems to run like it should for a while, but after some time It stops, and the menu music starts playing while I see a picture of the sky. I cant seem to do anything but terminate the game.

Glad I’m not the only one having this problem. I also tried it on a better computer and it just crashes.

i believe the way the works is it takes your current graphics settings and tests it with those settings, as I got different results setting everything to max settings.

when you see the sky you will have to let it run for awhile, that part is really slow. Also its recommended to not be connected to any server when you do the benchmark test.

This is on a high end computer as well.

i7 4790K, 32GB ram, 2x MSI 980GTX in SLI running at 2560x1440

I have no issues with crashes in game, just the benchmarking

You should run the benchmark from the main menu and not whilst connected to a server.

Mine potato :pcrepair: on stable. on staging, ProcMap.CPU 100 because of 100fps limit.

Thanks for your help. Im new to rust and the whole gaming thing. So appreciate it.

This is the ‘high end’ computer

This is my computer

Definitely time to upgrade.

Thanks Holmzy, that seemed to be the issue :slight_smile:

I did some tests

2560x1440 / Fantastic with SLI enabled
2560x1440 / Fantastic without SLI enabled
1920x1080 / Fastest with SLI enabled
1920x1080 / Fastest without SLI enabled

This is with some custom settings in nvidia inspector for enabeling SLI.
I’m not sure however if the SLI works as it should in the benchmarking, the tests seem to reflect a bit lower fps than I usually experience ingame. But maybe this is normal?

Or maybe not. Seem I might have some lower FPS this patch than I had earlier. Did a quick test in a server now, and the results I got in the benchmarking seems accurate

I did test both with and without SLI enabeled. It seems that SLI provides a significant boost to FPS, around 60-70% increase on 1440p / fantastic and around 50% increase on 1080p/fastest

Everything on max (1920x1080)

Everything on lowest (1920x1080)

… I done gone done that… :stuck_out_tongue:

No regrets!