Bender from Futurama

Just a small request, I’d like Bender from Futurama, there’s a UT2004 model out there somewhere, I would be greatful if it was hexed.

Um already working on it (with that model, with the creator’s permission and help), if you’d searched for “Futurama” in this section before posting you’d know that. Also custom models don’t need hexing.

Yeah, and WHEN do you plan on releasing it? Sorry to be pain, I’m just impatient.

Still got those damn kinks to iron out and my time is limited these days.

Edit: Should I put some pics for those of you who haven’t seen it elsewhere?

I’ll give you a tip, watch for the details ^^ (always good advice with my stuff I like to put in stuff that you might not realise what it is at first glance :P)

(Click pics for larger on DA page)
(Earlier version - most parts from that still there, bottles are separate props)
(Dead End V7 - Eyeposing Fail, Gold remains)
(Alternate Skins)
(Current Version - V9 I think)
(Also current version)
(Something else I made ^.^)

Link to DA page for pics of all my stuff :slight_smile:

Not hexing, I meant porting, but yeah, cool stuff Silver. I look forward to the release.

By the way the golden one isn’t called Flexo

By the way please reskin that

Indeed. Flexo’s the one with the goatee.

Yea Flexo is the one of the left ¬.¬ Not the gold one, its just not that easy to see the goatee due to me not having fiddled with the texture on it yet so it stand out more.