Bending and warping texture for skybox

I have a picture, and I need to get it into the cube form for it to be spilt and used for mapping. I have searched for so long, is there a program to do this in? terragen creates the textures itself, I need to use a current picture that I have and divide it up to be fisheye’d and warped into shape. How would I do this?

-SNIP- let it die we’ve found a supplementing skybox

Well, i would suggest a combination of photoshop and skypaint.

It’s a gigantic pain in the ass to use but it’s the only thing I’ve found that can do what you’re talking about.

For future reference, you can use 3d modelling programs to help with this kind of thing. But only if they supply a render mode that doesn’t leave a watermark.


A simple way to do this would be to map the texture to the inside of a cylinder then render 90 degree wide images at 90 degree increments from the center of the cylinder until you have all four side textures for your skybox. Doing top and bottom textures would be slightly more complex.