"Beneath The Tripod" - Injured man underneath a tripod


Probably the last WOTW Pic i’ll ever do considering how hard it was to get a good angle

Pretty good camera angle. Nice fire and smoke and ash and all that too.

Shame the citizens always look retarded when you make them shout. Looks like he has a high-powered fan inside his mouth blowing his saggy cheeks open.

And I’m not a big fan of those ye olde Tripods… they’re just not scary.

Hya Deathbucket.

Like Chesty said, angle looks good, guy looks pretty stupid. The fire in the back also probably would have been better without those yellow dots you edited in. If you had caught some props on fire (or if you were using particle systems emitters, I dunno) you could have moved a few of them higher up to show more fire.

There also coulda been something to break up the smoke. Not sure what, though. Right now the smoke just looks too flat and plain.

Also, JPG quality got fucked.

Yeah i agree with most of those points. That and it took me a fuckload of time to edit out the jaggies(Model’s specular error, i have 16X AA.)

Anyone got anymore crit?

I like the fire in the background.


oh,you’re back Deathbucket?

I got unbanned with one last chance.

There’s something up with the guy’s hand(probably just the picture), but otherwise, she ain’t bad.

Yeah it’s a bug with the hand skin