Benefits of a Tower Base compared to a Low Floor-Wide Base?

I keep seeing players making these high tower bases/forts and placing their stuff near the top, thinking their safer than those with lower floor’d bases… then complain that all their hard work and all their resources to build a pile of metal doors was for nothing because someone built stairs to the top, blew a wall and bypassed it all. Then you have the current problem of people blowing the bottom door, destroying your stairs and locking you inside with a ceiling.

If you have C4 as well, this is easily countered by blowing one of your lower walls to get out, then build a foundation below that open wall and build a new door / staircase there. Those who locked you in will most likely think the base is unusable now and won’t bother to come back for a long time, so that’s an advantage to you so long as they don’t see you going back and forth from the base.

But why don’t people just make a low floor’d (say 2-3 stories) base that’s quite wide? You’d probably use the same amount of resources as the tower, but building outward rather than up, placing plenty of interior walls and doors, making it a maze and placing your stuff in the centre of the base would force those raiders to use a lot more C4 and resources to eventually get to your stuff and stairs would not be very useful in bypassing a lot of the security.

Going with a tower design, they could only have to worry about a wall and maybe 2-3 doors… while making a low profile base that’s much wider would force them to go through multiple walls and multiple doors… in the end, even if they do get to your stash in the centre of the base, it probably wouldn’t be a very good trade off for all the C4 and resources they needed to use to get there. And as Ceilings are indestructible, having 2 or 3 floors for the enemy to guess as to which one they should choose to go through. Maybe they think you put your stuff at the top like most players but you put it all at the bottom floor… or dead centre on the 2nd.

Even if they got the bright idea to seal off the bottom floor and destroy your 1st floor ceilings… being a 2-3 story base would mean that if you can place a door on one of those floors without stairs, or blow a wall, you can drop down without worrying about much injury to yourself.

And with the WIP listed for building ownership that will allow you to remove parts of your base easily, sealing off a base would be pointless to try… whether that will also prevent other players from building inside your base, this alone would help players a lot.

The other problem with a tower design is that it sticks out like a sore thumb that everybody can see. Yeah, it’s cool you got this big honking thing that everybody can see, but that’s just makes it more of a target… an easy target at that.

So what are your thoughts?

What style do you prefer or which sounds more like a secure complex over the other?

Singlefloor -> Maze. Over a tower.

Depends on how you build the tower. Of you can build a tower and limit the ability to build up with stairs, its more secure.

A flat base can be really secure, but usually costs a lot more resources than a tower to be that way.

Summary: Towers are vulnerable to stairs on the outside. If you cant limit peoples ability to do that, a tower is way less secure.

This is basically what I do. Towers stand out and scream your location. And there’s nothing to stop people from building foundations to use stairs so that they can C4 your wall. You could still make towers viable though, by simply not using any single location in the tower as your storage area. Spread your resources across all of the floors to make it so that people have to hit every floor to get everything.

True, it may cost more resources having to craft more foundations, but I think it’s more value in the long run when someone could spend even more resources on several floors which can easily be bypassed and rendered a waste of time.

With a 2-3 story building, you end up forcing the enemy to work harder to get your stuff and all your crafting/building would seem more valuable because they have to go through those areas with little opportunity to “Go Around”

place foundations randomly around the tower so that placing a foundation off of your base wouldn’t be allowed. then put pillars 4-6 high in the middle of each foundation. it forces people to start from the bottom of the tower up.

This is going to sound like a stupid question, but what’s to stop someone from building stairs up to the roof of a wide/flat base and just blowing a hole in the roof at the center of the structure where your goodies are kept?

Ceilings are currently indestructible.

So it’s a viable deterrent, until the ceilings are made destructible at least.

I don’t see them being destructible, nor should the pillars be destructible.

The problem with making them destructible is what would happen if you have a multi-floored base and someone decides to blow all the pillars and ceiling up on the main floor?

Does the entire base stay floating in the air or should the entire base collapse and be destroyed? What if someone blows a ceiling from below where you have various items/crates/workbenches on top of?

^ This would cause a lot… A LOT… of griefing and frustrated players & many wouldn’t bother with elaborate bases because all one would have to do is destroy the bottom floor and you’re right back to square one. It would stagnate creativity on multiple levels.

I think ceilings and pillars should remain as they are, indestructible… it’s one of the few things players have as a means of defence… and allowing them to be destroyed would create a lot of problems in the gameplay.

Well considering the sheer volume of griefers and trolls running around on Rust I don’t see how that would really be that different from what we’re already seeing. Granted that will probably lessen once the “next big thing” gets popular on Jewtube and the window-lickers decide to move on to the next game (just like what happened to DayZ), but, y’know.


Really?? :pwn:

Was thinking the same thing… thinking he needs a time out from the internet.

As I said earlier. Its possible to stop people from building up to your tower. You just need to know what you are doing. If you can manage that, a tower is better.

That being said, a tower is also a lot easier to defend especially if you have a group.

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A tower is better than a flat base but you need to take the necessary precautions.

Personally, tower is the way to go, a 3x1 can be the best because at each floor you can alternate the staircases at each side, placing metal doors between everything else. I have about a 12 story base with about 24 doors.

I have an 8x8 with a 2x2 stairway in the middle, stairs are placed so you must use 4 c4 just to get through the stairs on each floor, no running all the way up to my top floor.

Yeah but couldn’t you do the exact same thing with a low-wide base and have just as many, if not more, doors?

Again… if someone doesn’t want to go through all those doors on your tower, they can just build upward outside of your base to the top and only deal with a couple of doors, rather than all of that.

And sure, you could put your stuff in the middle or a random floor rather than the top, but if they’re recon’ing your base and what you do, they will eventually see through the cracks which floor you spend a lot of time on, especially at night if you use a torch or flashlight.

With a low floor-wide one… they’ll know which floor you’re on eventually, but they still have to deal with all the walls and doors to get deep into the base to where you are and your stuff.

Also, an unraidable base or a pyramid base is stronger than a tower or a flat base right now.

Then it all comes tumbling down. It is a natural disadvantage of a tower. It wouldn’t be too difficult to create a destruction model for this; that is how the destruction of pillars/ceilings impact the other objects to enable a partial building collapse.

I think ceilings and foundations and pillars should be extremely tough, but not indestructible.

Or maybe some people need to stop being so thin-skinned and not thinking the slightest bit about why said term is being used.

PS - Jewtube is a real website. Look it up. Or don’t. You’re probably not missing much.