Bennehhh and Madbobbys Semi-Serious RP

Madbobbys Semi-Serious Role-play

  • I don’t refer to us as Bennehhh and Madbobbys anymore because Bennehhh is an abusive bastard and shut down our second server without any warning.

First of all, we apologize for mmmaaattts pathetic thread from before, He is a retarded kid who outright refuses to use proper English.
We are a Role-playing group with a small Role-playing server, soon to have two servers.
We currently run a customized version of DarkRP (Don’t complain) that’s made to try and control any mingebags who come onto the server.

Our Server(s) are/is UK based
IP: Server 1, 12 slots.
Server 1 has recently being converted to a GMStranded server, because it only has 2 weeks left before it is shut down, its replacment will be a CS:S Jailbreak server.

We have now got our second server, 16 slots, Credits to Bevan for paying for it and giving me access to the files.

We run a multitude of different maps on server #1, we don’t change much but when we do, we usually stay on that map for up to about half a week.
Server #2s maps are on a rotation at set times.
– Server 1 - converted to a stranded server for 2 weeks before it shuts down permanantly.
– Server 2 - Our main roleplay server.

Our Admins are handpicked from our good role-players from the server, Our rules are simple
The Rules
Please, try to use proper spelling and grammar
Remember the difference between Out Of Character and In Character
Try not to Power and/or Metagame
Don’t be an idiot
If an admin asks you nicely to do something, Please do it, If they bark stupid orders, Please report them for abusing on the BMSR Forums at
You must include some evidence in admin abuse reporting or we will completely ignore you.

The Admins and Moderators, I like to refer to people with the super-admin rank as admins and people with the admin rank as moderators.


  • Bobby Blane
  • The Server Owner, he is constantly sticking the admin gun up my ass.
    Sgt. Hankey
  • Hankey Von Shizzle
  • Head Admin of the Server
    [PPGA] Pvt. Terra4
  • Bevan Edwards
  • Administrator of the Servers Forums and Owner of server 2
    Ubermensch (no not the Ubermensch from here before you ask)
  • Carl Berkowski
  • One of the best Admins we have, too bad his dad banned him from the internet.
    Myself (rob54362)
  • Ian Freely
  • Simple Lua coder, constantly raging at mats bad spelling and self proclaimed misomanic, Don’t know what it means?
  • I’m demoted from all administration duties for a week because I kicked one of the other admins for fucking with my props.
  • Mat
  • The idiot of the group I hate his spelling, he’s only admin because he donated at a time when the server owners were a bit desperate for money.
  • Blasio
  • Annoying little bitch who gets other admins demoted for kicking him when he’s the one who unfreezes their props and throws them around.
  • He’s an apsalute suck-up to whoever’s in charge, I hate him.
    Soapy the Dutay
  • I can’t remember his RP-name
  • He’s one of our least active moderators, not much to say.
    I’m MORE than sure I think I missed someone out. If I did, they should be on the server more often and they won’t be forgotten.

Post scriptum: <snip - this isn’t needed anymore.>

Post, post scriptum: I hate Mat.

Post, post, toast scriptum: <snip - that thread’s dead.>

Good server, admins always seem to be on and are pretty helpful.

Holy shit a server running OMGCity :dance:

**EDIT: **How is pointing out a fact disagreeable? Some people are retarded.

cut matt some slack he seams alright :stuck_out_tongue:

We installed it after we all decided we were bored of constantly running downtown.

I have to agree with that, the internet is retarded.

Thanks for apologising, but I was coming to help you. And i know use a different name, Kaiser Grenheim. Also about Gene Hunt, you never responded to my qestions, WHY did you think it was bad, you just sez it is and refering to me and my friends as ‘the clan’ . I think its only after research thta you knew that he was a fictional character :slight_smile:

Since when was wiki a Sauce

And if the server has changed it ways i may think about coming on once in a while.

To be honest, it was so long ago I can’t remember, but I knew that Gene Hunt was a name from something I couldn’t remember what.

We’re still in a bit of a shitstorm on the server anyway, we recently changed admin mod and none of us apart from me are used to it, and I am constantly getting Cexec’d into saying stupid things, it’s driving me insane.

PS: I don’t think mat has being on the server to get given his superadmin on there again, so I don’t think we should have problems with him.

Also, the reason we swapped admin mod was because we had a hacker on the server during the big server hacking scare, his RPname was Mort, it led to sucpicions of you.


Quoting myself, I know, I know

Looking at this list, I think there’s only 2, maybe 3 if I remember Soapys RPname, admins on there that have roleplay characters that aren’t themselves.
I normally RP with a character called Ian Freely
A small scale crime lord who runs a night club on the criminal side of town, he has a criminal record and a warrant for his arrest. He mostly stays in the upstairs room of his night club.

You forgot me…

Yet again, I was banned off the internet for a month becauses of some “issues”.

You’re not admin there, You’re admin on, oh wait, that server shut down.
I rest my case.

I dont really care.

Also, me and you are poor and Irish. Apparantly.

That wasnt me. I couldnt do It if I tried for 6 Months on end. Also if you have logs, you will see that a player called RC-1136 Darman (me) has not been on in months, maybe even 6.

Last time I checked, I’m English, partly french (one of my great granparents)
Poor and Irish is turning into a meme, it’s driving me insane.

I think it’s got something to do with one of the TF2 updates.

I might join the server at some point, it seems like it might be an actually decent server.

It’s the server owners birthday today, we’re throwing him a party on there, everyone’s invited.


It’s really not fair to post someone else’s STEAM ID when you’ve made an accusation that you in no way have backed up.

We’ve got server #2 set up, it’s running evocity1 on a 12 hour map cycle between version 1 (night) and version 2 (day)

I’m the worst admin ever, YAY!

No takebacks!