Bennehhh and Madboy's Semi-Serious Roleplay


BMSr is all fucked up now.

Its got really unactive so i have left it to the fucktard Rob to deal with it. Rest In fucking peace you dickhead.
Thanks for your time and I hope you dont visit Butter on Toast

Protip: For enjoyable RP, don’t use vanilla DarkRP. Do something to make it different.

<snip thread derailed it needs abandoning now.>

FYI I don’t care when you joined. If you’re an idiot, you’re an idiot.

<snip thread derailed it needs abandoning now.>

Very true. Although if you are very smart, and have good common sense people will tend to like you just as much. Not al lthe time though.

And if you have no common sense, you could be forever embedded in Facepunch lore.

<snip thread derailed it needs abandoning now.>

Actually, the join date has nothing to do with a persons intelligence and respectability.

He could be an alt, or a lurker who just hasn’t had a reason to join until now, don’t judge on people’s join dates, because it isn’t at all reflective of the person behind the avatar.

Also, about this server, what map is it using ? Because with only 12 slots, downtown wouldn’t be the greatest choice, it is a little too big for just 12 people.

This should be locked due to the better thread on the same topic a few posts up

Well then you’ve lost a significant amount of respect with me.