Bento Box w/ Chopsticks

Should be simple enough.
A small Bento Box model with Chopsticks

I’m thinking something simple, like a model a ragdoll could hold for posing.
It would be a physical black “box” model, with a skin (can be a simple flat picture)inside

Refrence Pics:

I’m going to assume most of you know what chopsticks look like.

Oh, and please try to use custom/Hl2 textures for the box itself. Some people (including myself) don’t own CS:S

Thank You.

Do you need it with the food inside?

For posing purposes, it would be ideal to have the food inside visible from the top, seeing as how it would be just a black box otherwise.

A ragdoll needs to be able to hold it.

Anyone willing?

Seriously, it can’t be that difficult.