Berlin - 1945.

German Waffen SS soldier is showing a teenager from the Hitler Youth how to fight tanks.

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Cool idea. Nice posing and atmosphere. Camera angle is a little odd though.

I like it. Nice scene build.
Let me guess, you were inspired by Der Untergang? (aka downfall)

Very cool. My only complaint is the slightly too big rope on the hanging guy.

I really like it. As I’ve said before, reminds me of the fall of the third reich.

Any smaller and it might not support his dead-weight :v:

Nice pose, love the atmosphere.

Tottaly stole my idea… :colbert:

Nah just kidding. Looks good but the panzercheck(sp?)looks gigantic compared to the soldier.

edit: Even got the piano!

Well the ‘soldier’ is supposed to be Hitler Youth - a young teenager - thus he is much smaller compared to normal German soldier. During the battle for Berlin the Hitler Youth were common site among the German soldiers, Volkssturm and Waffen SS.

Well, for accuracies sake it should really be a two-man weapon. It’s too large to use single-handed, no matter what you did in MoH.

Has a nice war torn atmosphere.

RIP Great idea bro