BERLIN FIGHTERs\10.03Wipe/Admin24/7\PVP/Airdrop10+/Sleep/FRESH

Hello and Welcome.
Pls check the Server out.We are Friendly and play for fun.

PVP,Sleeper,Airdrop 10+,Active Admin,FRESH

We have : Durabilitiy on 50%,normal crafting Time,Fair Admin,Remover,Ping,No Starter,Oxim,Doorshare,AntiDecay,CHEATPUNCH,History,Arena,PM,

Player Limit 75/No Lag/Low Ping/Friendly

net.connect for F1…

We hope you like the Server,Wipe at 10.03.2014 and everyone is Welcome Community

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned" - postal))