Berlin, Germany - January 27th 1945

I think it’s an ok scenebuild.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much wasted space.

fixed the image for you:

I like wasted space…Show’s the lack of life in the city.

This. I mean, this was during the war. I don’t expect many people to be in their homes or in buildings working.

I think the picture would have been fine the way it was if there was a torn Nazi flag hanging from the building behind them like a symbol of their lost cause. I love the posing on the guy warming his hands.

The war’s not quite over yet so I think if any flag’s were ripped they’d be replaced rather quickly.

True true, I forgot Berlin wasn’t attacked directly until a few months later.

Is the guy on the right making out with an invisible woman?

That would work if you were looking at the street, where a lack of people would be odd, but you aren’t exactly going to be seeing many people climbing the sides of the buildings the camera is looking at…

The camera is pointed at the street in a way. Infront of the buildings is a roadway hence the light tank and lone protectorate without an arm.

Trying to hold his arms but the model’s like most DoD models aren’t flexible.

Yes, but most of the empty space is because of the buildings. You could chop off the top two thirds of the picture and it would still look like an empty city.

Just one with a lot less pointless space.

I probably should’ve cut off the top and the very right then.

took the liberty of editing it, just a little quicky

my snow still sucks mostly because superscatsman’s snow tut thread was gone so i had to this experimentally

not trying to spoil the fun but isn’t there a winter variant of those guys in the DoD hex pack?

Your snow is awesome.

The camera angle fries my brain.

Cool snow bro