Berries Harvest Node

I was wondering if we could get berries to harvest. You could use them to buff cooking dishes and to make dyes for clothing and buildings.

I suggested it before, and people seemed to like it, at least as a food source. I would love to see it as a dye for clothing, but I don’t know what you mean by buildings, care to elaborate?

Perhaps s/he meant the ability to use berries to make paint to recolor buildings.

Holy crap dyes would be so awesome for this game especially if it came in early since the 5ft player name distance is, realistic, but hard to decipher from your friends to enemies. Though the voice chat makes it relatively easy to find out if their friendly or shooting at you ;D

There should be a type of berry that’s poisonous and looks almost identical to a perfectly edible berry. >:)

Also, being able to dye clothes would be awesome as you could then create “Gang Colors” for your group and reduce the chance of shooting your buddy as they wander back into camp late at night.

yeah like paint or wallpaper, for buildings

Eh. I could go either way on that one. I can just see people dying other people’s houses to confuse the fuck out of them, but it would be really cool if you got a community together and color coordinated your houses, like organization and preparedness to the max~

yeah another thing i thought of is flags too, you could make them with wood cloth and then dye them

Another cool way for clan customization without actually making a clan system, I like this a lot. you could make your little emblem on a flag, and fly it high in the sky, to let them know they better stay back cuz it’s clan territory, or as a lone wolf like me, I can just make a giant penis because I am vulgar.

Yeah it would be cool to mark territory and stuff like that. Also for flying your colours on top of your cabin lol

I could make some nice curtains for my house~ <3

Never thought of that but im sure it would spruce up the place!!

Nah, I don’t want any aesthetics until the game is in a more stable state, devs have better things to program. But yeah, some nice house customization would really be kinda cool, it beats having only a furnace, couple chests, and a sleeping bag :v: making your own wallpaper would be cool too, so you don’t have to look at wood or metal only.

Yeah and i like that you can get some food right off the bat too

Definitely a plus. Too many times I am scavenging for pigs or deer, and I end up crossing paths with a bear or wolf and either end up dead, or running to a point where I get lost :v: this would definitely solve the food issue.