Berry bushes

I was thinking of adding some kind of bushes scattered around the world. Most of them having berries. Pressing E to pick up a bunch of berries on a bush and eating them would give a small amount to the hunger bar.
The berries regenerating after 1-4 in game days after being picked up.

Normal berries, and poison berries… never know when you’ll need to poison a king. Like the idea though.

I wish people would stop regurgitating ideas from DayZ.

Obviously dayz had made the concept of berries, not that it was essential to survive. Just dayz.

Models of blueberries (if i remember correctly) are already done, it is just a question of time. They will be used for paint and possibly for food. More kinds of berries probably coming too.

Well from what i’ve noticed, DayZ has also trees and sun. A coincidence? I dont think so…

“I wish people would stop regurgitating ideas from DayZ.”

Haha! What… like the entire initial concept for Rust? :wink:

Those bastards, they totally stole that from Real Life!!

been suggested a few times, doesn’t seem hugely popular, but i for one like it still. gives options for food that doesn’t need to be cooked. i suggested a % chance to be poisoned each portion of “berry” you eat last time it came up:)

I love how people say the idea is being stolen from DayZ even though berries exist in real life.

Seriously people. Age of Empires had berry bushes, too, did DayZ steal it from there?

It’s not a bad thing for games to have similar mechanics.

Let’s not invent the wheel yet folks. The world is still flat last I heard.

Off topic, Age of Empires FTW!

But yeah, berries would be amazing IMO. Plus you could maybe use them as a dye for clothes, letting you know who is on your team, say a (low quality) emblem on the front or back.

I think being able to dye things with berries would be awesome; I never even thought of that actually.

Watch out for the bees and wasps.