Berserker from Gears of War 3

I’ve been looking for the Berserker from Gears of War 3 for a while and I’ve been unable to find any ported UPK file or model. I would greatly appreciate if someone could find or port the raw UPK files for the Berserker. Thank you for reading this.

IIRC, uModel is able to get the files from the Xbox 360 disc itself, so you can try getting the raw files that way.

Thanks for the quick reply, i’ll give it a try:smile:

Edit: This video is incredibly helpful:

Glarkon, if you manage to get the files for the Berserker would you be able to upload it some where? Last i recall there was like 5 files for it (including the sound file) If I can get my hands on the raw UPK I can do all model conversion, and possibly make an SNPC out of it.

I extracted pretty much all of the Gears 3 models a couple years ago, wish I still had them. The only problem I can see you having with that link Glarkon is getting a working .iso of Gears 3. That was by far the most frustrating part for me when getting the models and animations.

I don’t recall whether the sounds from Gears 3 we’re easily extracted or not, I remember having problems doing that with both oggextract and UModel. But if it helps I do have all of the Berserker sounds from the first Gears extracted, and partially labeled.

I can’t seem to find anything on it, nothing on .xma file conversion can you help at all with it?

Afaik you can’t extract .xma files. But most of the files on the Gears 3 iso will be in .upk format under the name of .xxx

Only method I can think of if you really want audio files is to brute force every upk file with oggextract which you can get here.

To use oggextract simply drag the upk onto oggextract.exe and if there are any audio files inside the upk they will be extracted to the same folder the upk is in.

For any other type of file such as models and textures, use the same method but except with Umodel. This should be easier though as the files are labeled and most of the .upks are used for models and textures. But make sure when you are extracting the textures that you have the main texture file in the same folder as the upk you are extracting. This texture file should use the .tfc file extension. If you don’t have this in the same folder as the other upks when you extract the textures will all be in extremely low resolutions.