Bertilml's DarkRP - SNPC Traders

** Download V2.1 is out! ^^:**
** Pocket fix:**

What is it and how does it work?
It is a snpc for darkrp. It is easy to setup, but i recommend that if you need help, tell me…
If you got any requests tell me, and i will try my best!
The SNPC is selling guns and/or Entities. There is a tutorial in darkrp folder, if you want it to sell other guns/items or make more SNPCs (fx if you wan a gun dealer and a item dealer).
You can use entities now:D

** Credits:**
The trader is coded in lua by Bertilml (^4Ghost).
I DID NOT MAKE DARKRP (there is a part of this upload)!!! I ONLY MADE THE TRADER!!!

Look at the file…
*N = NEW
*O = OLD

Why didn’t you just make the thread when you had the download up?

Maybe ran into an unexpected problem after he made the thread?

Yup… and i saw no reason to delete the stuff i wrote so i just changed…


this was before it was uploaded. i had troubles with the

this is pretty dumb…

reminds me of another snpc trader because it looks the same… EXACTLY THE SAME

Odessa model maybe?

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And why is it dumb? Becouse it will make it easier to rdm in drp? Actully it is suposed to be selling the same guns as a gd, but more expensive… It is not the ent that is dumb but the way it is used…

make this standalone and your god

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Odessa model maybe?

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kinda yeah… it also had the speach thingy on top of it… and the code looks… SIMILAR

Maybe my old upload?

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There is no difference between “darkrp” and “Dark rp”. It’s just one DarkRP :buddy:

whats the stand alone one?

sry, it ain’t working… :o

what does it do? the stand alone

It was for sandbox… but it was the V2 i am working on, so it where broken…

Whats going to be in V2.

also make the derma interface look better.

for example the buttons are too small.

for v2 make it so that he askes you questions.

like when u press E there him saying “Hi welcome to my shop, want some weapons?”

then 2 buttons saying “Yes” other saying “no thanks”

that would be cool

and copying perp. will you ever get your own ideas?

no im not dipshit.

i see alot of server with shit like that.

If you look at the changelog you will see what will be in Version 2… ^^

V2 is out!