Best addon?

Wich of these do you think is the best addon?

Sakarias’ Combine Mech, but since there is not SENT part on that list, I cant choose anything from it.

Oh god. I did forget something… Argh Ill try to add it.

You didn’t add an option for other types of addons. For example, YouStream does not fit into any of those.

PHX and wire is the most important on the list.

Hate addons! 2 votes??

Dan’s Mega SNPC pack.

I have never exactly used the Wire mod before, no one has really explained it to me so I haven’t bothered to try it out.

However I do like the smart weld, makes things a helluva lot easier.


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shut up

My favorites are the TF2 SWEPS/Buildings from lord of pain.

Hate addons! Now 6 votes… WTF??


Uhm, It was not possible to edit to poll.

We really need the Zing! back.

Stacker for life. I would be nowhere without it.

Where is smartsnap in there? That shit revolutionized building!

gibmod 1.62 BEST

Lord of Pain = Silverlan. Yeah, he’s made a load of cool stuff.

Smart Snap.

Lets call it a STOOL.

I voted Wire, and I’d vote PHX a close second if I had a second vote.
I chose wire because of the amount of work that’s been put into it. All of those SENTs and STOOLs they’ve scripted, can all work together to make a simple machine, or a vastly complex computer of some sort.

PHX would be second because of the sheer amount of content it has