Best addons for a gmod server

So i have recently made a server for GMod, and im just wondering what are good addons for the server the server. I also need one that will display ranks above the people’s heads so if anyone knows one and is willing to share it that would be great! Thanks!

Any of the NPC addons by Silverlan, Siminov’s weapon packs, PAC3, any Babel Industries wepons, Turret STOOL, Model Manipulator, and Bodygroup tool.

I would Recommend putting ULX & Ulib on. (TO KEEP IT SAFE FROM MINGES)
“Why why it rated dumb”

WAC Aircraft.

Wiremod, Advanced Duplicator, Chat On Head (search in workshop), SProps, ACF, some lite administration tool.

ULX & ULib are quite unreasonably complex and terrible :v:

What kind of server?
If sandbox pretty much get everything from WIP thread first post.
Also you’ll need some kind of admin mod, ULX and ULIB work rather fine.
Don’t forget prop protection.

Avoid sweps/NPCs, they are mostly for minges to shoot each other out and add time to download while joining.

If it is a construction server, you CANNOT go without these tools:

-Stacker (yes, good ol_stacker)
-EasyPrecision and/or SmartSnap
-PolyWeld (for some advanced stuff)
-Measuring Stick (you’d be surprised how much advanced builders fiend for it)

Some other cool tools that are pretty much essential (popularity-wise):

-Turret stool (brought back to life as a non-vanilla stool. maybe Garry will add it later)
-Lasers (I don’t know if it exists for 13)
-Malawar’s Harpoons (I don’t know if it exists for 13)
-Ladder stool (I don’t know if it exists for 13)
-Door stool
-Fading door stool
-Repulsor stool (like hoverballs, but are relative to the ground beneath them)