Best Admin Mod

What admin mod in your opinion is the best?
So far admin mods that I know:

The best admin mod would be the one you make yourself, to make specifically what you want. But out of those, probably Evolve. Those seem to be the 3 main choices the majority of people pick from.

I use ULX, it’s GUI is not the best but I just like it more out of Evolve and AssMod.

I thought Evolve was discontinued?

Evolve is discontinued, and I use kontrol.

beware of the security hole in kontrol (the command to set an owner)

Still easily the best admin mod out there.

it’s the prettiest but when I was redoing it it didn’t seem very logically made

Neither are the other admins mods. A win by default is still a win.

define best

ULX has always worked great for me. I dislike evolve, !god bob 0 instead of !ungod never made sense to me, sure it’s easier to script but it looks horrid.

wait so you like an admin mod more because one makes you type two additional letters?

“!god bob 0” and “!ungod bob” are the same length, though

oh right good point