Best Admin mod?

Hi please post your favorite admin mod for gmod. thanks

Its personal preference at the end of the day

I suppose but i want one thats really good/full of useful stuff.

Each has its pros and cons try a few out takes 20 mins at max to try them all out

Exsto and/or Evolve.

Exsto is just terrible in my opinion. My personal favorite would be Evolve, but I love the features on ULX and for AssMod, well ULX>AssMod. Personally I use ULX and Evolve as a backup.

Well, as probably said earlier: it’s a personal choice, really.
In my days of running several GMod servers, I have grown accustomed to ULX. I’ve always used ULX for all of my servers, and I feel comfortable with it. It’s really simple to use, and it provides all necessary administration commands.

But then, Evolve is probably a much more newer and fancier approach to admin mods. I’d say that Evolve is better than ULX, but I’m most likely still going to be using ULX, because I’m so familiar with it.

I’d suggest trying them all, and seeing which one you like best.

don’t know about now but back in the day ULX had all sorts of exploits

still does or is it all good now?

SVN no.
Zip yes.

Well depending upon your preference and what you imagine most of your admins to be might understand and know which is likely to be ULX. But again more possibilities for example we run Sourcemod in my community to get the use of sourcebans for multiple servers and a global ban system.

Depends what you need/ prefer really.


Sourcemod. I don’t have to deal with any lua shit :buddy:

ULX is probably the most watertight, with really no bugs, and with enough plugins.
Evolve is the most up to date and easy to modify (except that you can’t manually add users or groups very well)
SM actually can work pretty well, but I would suggest using it along with ULX or something.
Assmod is a piece of shit, it barely even works.
I tried to use Exsto once, but I couldn’t get it to work, but that was my fault.