Best Admin Mod?

I’m going to be starting up a TTT server in a bit (or at least I’m going to try to) and I never hosted a Garry’s Mod server so I would like to know what the best admin mods there are. Also any additional advice you could give me a new server hoster would be great.

Evolve and Nuff’ said.

Edit: How am I dumb, Flapadar?

Well, I just started hosting a RP server, and with my experience, the best three are ASS, ULX, and Evolve. I would suggest ASS for something like Trouble in Terrorist Town. But I’ve don’t have experience with that game mode, so there could be comparability issues.

I got ASS mod and I like it so far, I got the “fix” from another thread and so far it isn’t half bad.


I really don’t like your name or avatar…

Anyways, Evolve has always done me good… try Evolve.

Frostys Server Admin
Better then ASS

Who needs admin commands? Just download noclip and an admin gun mod and continually spawn rape any griefers.

I like evolve. Its pretty fast to use, and modular. The downside is its not so streamlined as say, ULX, wwhich is based solely out of console and chat. Evolve has chat but it has menus too. Could be more then you need, especially for TTT. One of the benefits of the menu is though, if you have someone join with a name that uses characters not native to the keyboard, or a strait asterisk name, you can still ban them via menu where you cannot ban them via chat.

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Evolve is my choice. ULX is meh and ASSmod is even more meh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Evolve works great for my server. Just google evolve svn to get the svn link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! You one of the rare nonfurry Balto fans like myself?

Ontopic: I’ve had parts of evolve break recently comparability wise, but nothing detrimental. A friend of mine fixed it, I think I had an old repository that was abandoned.

Evolve is not that good. Say you give someone temporary admin. Then they just leave the server before you take it away, you can’t take it away unless you see them on.

not sure there’s any way around that. Why would you give temp admin anyway?

Evolve is great, but isn’t updated any more. It’s basically have a nice, un-bloated admin system (Evolve) or an updated but bloated admin system (ULX).

And don’t even talk about ASSMod.



Evolve. Xenon is a pretty decent host.