Best Anti-Cheat Script?

Hey, I’ve seen quite a few nice looking ant-cheat plugins for GMod 13. However, I was just wondering if anyone could share their opinions or stories about which one is the best/they prefer.



please dont use qac. thats all i came to say

Oh here we go.

Here is a rundown of the Anti-Cheats known:

Practically impossible to set-up for new-intermediate Lua Coders (Hope your a Lua God to be able to set this up.)
It bans people for absolutely anything on their client and rebinds all of their keys, so use this if you want to make fun of cheaters and have a laugh yet have a 100% clean server.

You have a guy here writting backdoor’ed addons.
It generally gets the job done.

Step down from HAC, Gets the job done.

I’ve heard its code comes from the checks of HAC - I haven’t personally looked at it though.

You can virutally create one that will get rid of 99% of the skids anyways.

Just use

On the client and send the results to the server. You can try to use net.Send, or If you want to be a AntiCheat Skid until you can work it out, use a console command.


Im pretty sure he knows evn less about lua than I do, so just disregard his statement like its one of mine.
I heard LeyAC was the most commonly used Anti-Cheat

LeyAC is if you want to pay $5 for a little more protection, bring out your pennies ladies and gentlemen.

QAC is free, at at least keeps most if not all skids out of the way.

Don’t pay for tyler wearing’s anticheat.

I went on a server with it’s running and it was literal shit. It was banning a ton of people who weren’t even cheating, and is easily bypassable.

for the same reasons as ShinyCow.
i would go for LeyAc

A whitelist anticheat which autobans seems tremendously careless.

I recommend QAC. Free is good.

Free means Bypass city.

I know 2-3 bypasses that exist, but require a re-write.

The public bypasses were fixed :v:

-bad joke-

[del]If you want to get rid of the people that are too dumb to use modules and only know how to use cheatengine to freeze a convar sure (So 80% of the ‘hackers’ on gmod?). Otherwise no.[/del]

Didn’t know he was being sarcastic.

TAC is only slightly better than QAC aka it will stop skids but its pretty easy to bypass for any half decent cheat coder

LeyAC is your best bet in terms of power plus ease of use

are you serious? after reading this post, i can conclude you a. dont know lua and b. dont know what you’re talking about

TAC was an AC from 2012 that blacklisted words and 12 hacks, thats it.

you obviously haven’t seen the new version of TAC then, it has a hook whitelist and convar checking and a bunch of other shit.

That being said its still pretty crappy, it can’t detect my sv_cheats forcing method or my speedhack, it only detected my crappy propkill lua script before i figured out how to bypass it

Did he really name it TAC even though his first version was bad?

He admitted it only has hook whitelisting that you have to manually setup. Good luck with dem addons.