Best Apocalypse Setting?

I was wondering, since I decided myself to get into the whole nuke RP thing, and am making a map for the server, what would be the best setting for a apocalypse map? Like small town, etc.

Small town with caravans :v:

i choose a large map

it adds to the creepyness and adds realism

I love small towns with lots of local shops and small suburban houses. Plus you can put some nature in there without it looking out of place.

I hate small towns.

But they’re the least overused (apart from nuke test site but that would be silly).

By the test site, I assume you mean labs far away from the site. The actual site would be a large, barren crater.

In that case, labs would be pretty cool.

Well alright, small town might be a decent idea. But anyone got any other unique ideas?

Something other than an apocalypse because it’s the /theme/ that’s horrendously overused, not the settings.

I know but in all due honesty a good modern lifeRP gamemode requires a decent size server, which I cannot afford this seems more up my alley.

Mixture of small town and rural area would be pretty kicking rad

Large town with nuclear winter v:v:v

Look up Metro 2033

Make a little shoreline resort. That’s a rarely seen post-apocalyptic location for sure.

How about Gm_BigCity but just blown up?

Hmmmm, well in any case I do have some options. That nuclear winter option sounds interesting…


Make it look like just after the bomb. :wink:

What would be awesome, is a post-apoc map that of a massive city, with plants and shit growing everywhere.

I may give that a go if I get the hang of modelling and I finish my current projects.

Why does post-apoc need to be post nuclear. Technically it would be after any event that kills off a large proportion of life. Think about after fire, flood, freeze, virus, bacteria or volcano. Even natural events can have dire consequences. Read the Day of the Triffids for a great example of mankind killing itself through stupidity.

Meteor hitting the Atlantic ocean causing apocalypse to large cities on the cost.

Well, I’m thinking since people would prefer a large area, perhaps something like Fallout 3 DC ruins, I might actually have to make that instead. I’ll see what I can do, it’s going to be a challenge, which should make it interesting. Good news is I have some FO3 props I can use. XP

Yeah, a post-apoc big city could look really cool if you do it right