Best balanced sweps?

hi at the moment on my server I have m9k installed and I was wondering if there was another sweps pack out there which is more balanced and if there are any swep packs with an understandable amount of damage given to each weapon.

I am using the gamemode f2s:stronghold

I would suggest you looking into FA:S ( No, not FA:S 2. It’s a very nice addon honestly and not many servers use it aswell.

That sounds good as that would make my server more unique, I will try them, but why shouldn’t I use fa:s 2?

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Tbh I could just keep m9k and use the administration mod but that says it only works with workshop mounted m9k so if I were to edit the weapon damage with that then extract the addons, would that work?

Sorry to bump but would the method stated above work?

M9K is the most basic current swep addon.
FA:S2 is no longer supported so any bugs you encounter are highly unlikely to be fixed.
Customizable Weaponry 2.0 is good and pretty well balanced.
TBA base is also pretty good, especially if you don’t care much for on-the-fly attachments.

I have tried TFA Base and clients were getting errors, m9k no longer seems a good pack to use neither does fa:s2, so does customizable weaponry have any unwanted extras? It seems that it has that menu where you choose attachments which I like and they seem balanced :slight_smile:

CW2.0 is quite good. You can configure which attachments players have access to, so you can balance things fairly easily.

what is a TBA?

he means tfa

update: I am now using tfa as they are very well balanced

But I am now trying to solve errors

If you want an actual balance set of guns your gonna have to make it yourself because most of the sweps out here right now have NO BALANCE in mind.

Smgs won’t have enough spread and will be able to blast across the map. Shotguns can one shot you a mile away.

The only time I’ve ever had a balanced swep was when my friend made a chart ratio of all the guns fire rate, damage, reload time and everything reach the same rating across the board. Sadly this was only for Cod:MOD gamemode and I haven’t recoded the gamemode yet.