Best Base RP Gamemode to Mod?


I am looking to modify an RP script to make my own version with my own items etc.

I know a few that exist but would like your opinions on which is the best for editing. The ones I know of are DarkRP, Tacoscript, Cakescript, and cider.

What would you recommend editing to make a good RP gamemode?

I do not want you to argue amongst yourselves if you disagree, just post YOUR opinion and do not argue with other peoples.

Thanks :smiley:

I wouldn’t recommend editing pre-existing gamemodes, unless you just need minor modifications. If you need major ones, you should really consider writing your own or hiring someone to write you one.

If you want the source code for an unfinished RP gamemode, SVN checkout one of the following URLs: (Both are my dead projects, feel free to use any source code. Do credit me and raBBish, though ^^)

Ill try finishing Shadow Eslaka, but it would be private. I don’t know about photon. We need to talk more :confused:




I know you want to take the lazy way, but making your own from the ground up is simply the best way of getting a good gamemode. Unless you’re really bad, at which case you probably shouldn’t be doing it anyway.