Best beginner modeling program?

Well I am currently learning how to use blender through various ebooks. Then my friend asked me if I have tried Maya. Well I’ve heard of it and I know people who have used it for modeling projects, but they were for models to then render not use for a game. I know blender has animations and other nifty things built in, but is it really the best for modeling for the source engine? Or really any game engine.

Hammer editor :stuck_out_tongue:
Believe or not, but hammer editor was the program that actually teached me basics in all 3D programs. Mostly the axis and grids :smiley:

^ Awful advice

Hammer is nothing like a 3d application. Even for a map editor it’s kinda stiff and slow to use.

There really isn’t a “best” program amongst them, usually it’s better to go with the one you know the best. Blender is good and Maya would probably be equally as good for low-poly modeling, the basic difference is the workflow.

I’m kinda stuck between Maya and XSI as pretty good programs. Maya I used for UT2004 modelling, pretty easy to use and it’s simple to find the ray-cut tool, takes a little getting used to, but it’s a good stepping stone into models.

Then I need some help with the stitches and the other stuff. It’s just hard to make it look like jeans. I used this:

It’s also hard to find good pockets for the jeans, so I used those ones.

Was that supposed to go in your sniper thread? :wink: