Best browser?What are you using?

So is there any browser that Rust runs the best on?
Right now I’m using Chrome and not really having any problems at all!
But is Rust optimized for any specific atm?

Firefox master race!

Yeah Firefox is what I’ve been using. I’ve used Internet Explorer, Chrome but I believe Firefox works the best with my PC


I use Chrome for everything other than Rust. For some reason Firefox runs Rust perfectly whereas Chrome just lags out constantly

Firefox. Used Chrome… but the load time was slow. After using Firefox, everything felt faster… and overall better.

I use Chromium

/g/ told me it was good

I like it

I use Google Chrome.

I use Chrome. It’s pretty good.

Am I the only one who thinks Firefox is a process hog? I haven’t used it in 2 years though.

If I had rust(hint buy it ahahah) I would use firefox so far all my friends use firefox for it and it runs great.

I’m using Firefox myself. I’ve tried Chrome but it eats way too much memory to my liking. I usually have 20-30 tabs open at all times. ( Don’t ask me why ) Opera didn’t suit me at all.

I have the opposite where firefox using too much memory while chrome uses less.

I use chrome for Rust. Firefox eats lots of mem.

I’ve heard Opera is the best for Rust, but I currently use Chrome. I’ll have to try Opera and Firefox. Currently, Chrome takes a while for the initial load in.

However, I’m not going to try anything yet, as the lag from all the duped buildings is beyond shit. I’m not playing again until there’s a wipe.

Opera. Only browser that supports GPU acceleration as of now, as much as I know.

If it’s only 5-6 tabs up at the same time then yes, I’d believe Chrome uses less memory. That isn’t the case with 30 tabs.

I suppose it might be like Firefox, but Pale Moon runs amazingly.

lol 0 votes for safari

Zero issues with Firefox.