Best browser?

Firefox vs Chrome vs Opera vs Nightly?

Which one works best for you guys?

As in higher frame rates?

I tried Chrome but ended up going with Firefox
Chrome seems to be more of a memory hog

Thanks,what about Opera?

opera is very good for nvidia cards


I play very well with Avant and Firefox

Same here. Atm i’m using Waterfox.

How? I tried waterfox and couldn’t get unity to tun in it. When I contacted Unity they said unity is 32 bit and waterfox is 64 and they are not compatible…
So I’m using firefox.

I’ve tried both Opera (The new, Chrorium wannabe one) and Chrome. They both resulted more or less the same with about 1.7GB mem used.

I couldn’t run it on my IE10 but it could be a one-time issue. Anyone tried with IE10? Being a Win7 user, I don’t have IE11 yet.