Best Codec to use for Source Recorder?

FYI I am using the “startmovie blahblah avi” way of recording movies.

I don’t have the usual MPEG-4 codecs that are recommended for source recorder for editing with Sony Vegas, afaik the only codec that seems to be useable is the Microsoft Video 1 codec, which is totally terrible in quality. Everything else just ends up as a corrupt video file.

Any other codecs that work fine with Source Recorder? I seem to be out of options here.

This is what I use

I tried using it, the video ends up being all green, static and upside down.

Am I doing something wrong?

probably, are you sure you’re using the latest version, and are you sure you didn’t went above the 4GB file size limit?

Looks like I didn’t use the right version, Lol.

And no, most videos I make get around to 2 GB at max.

x264vfw. preferably with a low quantizer (4 to 16).

Got it to work.