Best course of action for missing files?

I had a lot of content, from various places. But I did not use all of it. But after upgrading my PC i have lost a lot of content over time. I don’t really know what to do. Or how I could begin finding my content again.

I’m not sure if anyone knows where these models/materials may have came from;


They seem to be the only missing things. I think they are from a source game? But I only have CSS, CSGO and Gmod installed. I have every half life and left for dead. Any help would be appreciated. If it helps; below are images of what should be there.

Thanks. It means a lot!

Might be some black Mesa stuff.

I never touched Black Mesa. I’m not even 100% sure what that is.

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I mounted L4D2. They were from that game. -

Black mesa is the original Hal life story but with way beter graphics and its on sale at £3.75 go buy it you don’t know what your missing :slight_smile:

Will probably consider it.