Best CURRENT admin mods?

Would anyone be able to name some admin mods that currently work?
I’ve used Evolve but it came with a load of bugs.
Assmod doesn’t exist anymore.
ULX is a pain to use. especially if someone if trying to crash your server, you can’t ban them quick enough.
Exto, when uploaded to the server seems to crash and isn’t supported by gmod anymore.

I’d say ULX. But if you can’t ban an person fast enough, you are too slow yourself. You can’t blame ULX for that. There’s a chat command for the commands too.

I’d say that ULX is the best choice, in general, for people to use. It has survived the longest, seems to have the most support from other addons, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the most widely used.

If you’re really having trouble banning people, I’d suggest using chat commands.

ULX is the one I use currently, and I probably won’t ever switch from it, if only because we rely on it a lot. I would prefer one with MySQL support, but I don’t know of a working one that uses it.

ULX by far. I have used Exsto, Evolve, ULX, and Assmod and ULX tops the chart. Typing “!ban smidge” for example is really easy. If you type in chat !ban therename timeinminutes andreason so like
!ban stalker 120 rdm
Would mean Ban Your Stalker for 2 hours for the reason RDM. You dont need there full name but if they are 2 people with stalker in there name for example they might be accidentall banned. If you do
!ban stal 0
It will ban them permanently (the 0) for reason unspecified.

ulx is really the way to go, if its that much trouble try getting a plugin or something to help detect prop spam and other crashes. i’ve seen a couple around but i’ve never hosted a server, so i have no idea what they are.

DBugR nuff said about lag/crash

Make your own :eng101:

I don’t use ULX, but a lot do, so I assume it’s good. Two questions about it, however, is it possible to get rid of server advertisements being across the screen and only appearing in chatbox? Second question is, can you also change it from “(SOMEONE) kicked username” and actually have the admin name appear?

Like, I always thought both of those were really tacky/unprofessional.

  1. It’s an option you select when you create the advertisement.
  2. ulx seeanonymousechoes, if I remember correctly.

Yes to both.
Pretty much everything is customisable if you take the time to look at the options menu.

ULX is okay, but I think it is way too bloated. Admins are always fucking around with eachother via ULX commands like maul, instead of actually doing their job when needed.

If I had to choose one that isn’t my own, I’d personally be forced to say Exsto or AIDS - even though it is pretty much dead, I still update it for personal use.

Other than that, I’d just make my own.

I think the problem lies with your admins then, have a word or two with them :slight_smile: - (But I do understand you, it has a shitload of commands)

I quit with getting extra admins. No one meets my expectations. I was mainly talking about other servers. I just try to administrate my servers at all times, and I don’t take bullshit or give warnings unless I have a good reason to.

After considering this for a bit, I realized the GUI is a bit too much for people who just want to have a simple way to quickly ban people, and it’s hard to deal manage people with names made mostly out of special characters. So, yesterday I made a quick menu to let me administrate people as quickly as possible. When you run the command to open the menu, it’ll automatically select the player that you’re looking at, otherwise a simple list of players is given to select somebody.

It was meant to be a quick project, but I might make it a bit nicer if there’s actually interest in something like this.

ulx ban <hit your up/down key>

Best, quickest and foolproof way to ban people in ulx. Your menu is a nice idea, im just saying ulx is probably the easiest mod to ban those special char minges.

Before I made this, I would’ve actually agreed with you, but when I was trying it out with a friend I got into a good discussion about the simplest way to sanitize inputs for using console commands. All the ways we came up with to single out a clean, identifying part of somebody’s name seemed overly complex and unnecessary. So I spent some time looking through how the ULX GUI avoids issues with unsanitary names. Apparently, ULX accepts user ids for its commands, which is something I never knew about even after having used it for quite a few years.

I’ll admit that a vast majority of people will never encounter somebody with a name like a" a, but I’ll admit that I considered keeping that name and seeing how many admin mods it would mess with. I didn’t really test it out, but it looks like that name might even mess with ULib’s bans.txt file.

I don’t see the problem with ULX. I’ve banned several people while they are spamming and I’ve bound cleaning disconnected players props to a button so right after they are kicked out, their props are cleaned and the server is functioning as usual again.

I agree using chat commands are the quickest and easiest method to ban someone in ULX, however, quite a lot of minges that come on the server have special characters in their name which makes them quite hard to quick ban them, It’s even worse when I try to !ban someone quickly and it just returns that there are multiple uses of those names/letters, so more often than not, I resort to using a menu.

I’ve coded MySQL support into my ULX except for bans. I’ve coded rank support :stuck_out_tongue: