Best current, free gmod anti cheat?

Trying to prevent wallhacks/ESP mostly. What’s the best updated, free lua anti cheat?

You can catch quite a few of the shitty script kiddies by checking if sv_allowcslua is set to 1 on the client and making the client tell the server to ban them if it’s not synced with the servers value. Other than that, experienced admins will be able to catch most hackers if they know what to look for

You can make a pretty basic one and catch most of them.

Quack Anti-Cheat is a decent anti-cheat that’ll stop ~80% of skids.


Cake’s Anti Cheat leak :v:

RIP, don’t get the one with that cheap backdoor that is “!cakeplzopen”

It’s a joke tho

don’t bother, people will hack anyways

Sure, any anti-cheat can be bypassed.

But why not stop the majority? Most of the ‘hackers’ didn’t code their hacks themselves, but just downloaded it.

fine, stop the majority, yet intelligent people will still be hacking on your server.

if i recall correctly intelligent people are not interested in wallhacking rp servers

intelligent people just like getting through security systems

Then ban them??? :smiley: ??