Best DarkRP Addons

What is your best DarkRP addons? Things like Durgz Mod, Starbank. and things that go good with roleplay. Tell everyone yours!

No addons, vanilla RP is a preference of mine

Where can I get Vanilla RP? If at all…


i’ve never heard of it…

Vanilla means no modifications or addons, just raw <insert gamemodename or addon or game>

Same, i don’t know why people insist in unneeded addons.

DarkRP is boring without some addons, like Mad Cows Weapons and so on. But i don’t play DarkRP when i want to roleplay seriously so i don’t care.

These are my preffered addons to a DarkRP Server:

*Mad Cows Weapons [LATEST]
*Couple Extra Jobs - Not a addon Hurr
*Couple Cars from the Roleplay Cars Pack.

Neither do i, but still, no matter what gamemode, unneeded addons = bad.