Best darkrp admin mod?

I was wondering people’s opinions on darkrp admin mods. I like everything about fadmin except I’m not sure how to set peoples ranks while they are offline . I also like ULX but it seems to noclip you have to type !noclip which is a bit of a hassle (unless there is some way around this then I could use help). And I am unsure about other mods. I would like to hear your opinions.

ULX is the best in my opinion, it’s simple and easy to use.

ULX its easy and if you have same FAdmin ranks they work together.

ULX or Evolve if you know lua.

Yeah I like ulx but is there anyway around the noclip thing like I said before? And do ulx and fadmin still have issues side by side?

Just bind a key to !noclip. It really isn’t a hassle.

In my administrating experience, ULX is definitely one of the best choices.

It’s sad that ULX is the best option, though. Overriding default functions isn’t the proper way to modify things.

I would choose ulx for functionality and familiarity.

I also have serverguard which as I don’t have any servers running currently, I do not use.

Exsto is very good but I am not so sure about it with darkrp.

Exsto works perfectly well on DarkRP.

I had that, to fix it I just put sbox_noclip “0” in my server.cfg, and that fixed it.