Best DarkRP Anti-Cheat?

Yo bitches, so I’m making a new DarkRP server, and I obviously don’t want hackers to cheat on my server.

So… What’s the best Anti-Cheat software out there?

None, DarkRP doesn’t need anticheat.

Already bypassed, my buddy sent Cake a video :stuck_out_tongue:

-read my post below-

Just because someone has bypassed it doesn’t mean it still isn’t the best, I would love for you to point out another anticheat that rivals Cac.

There’s always a way to bypass an anti cheat, it’s just the matter of how hard it is and how publically available the bypass would be. In this case, cake anti cheat is still one of the best alternatives that are publicly available.

This is why I asked, some people apparently don’t understand this. So, Cake is in fact one of the best?


cake has banned more then 925 unique players in the past year for me, well worth the money. Easily the best and most reliable available.

Again, not publicly accessible at the moment.


I’ve heard a lot about this.

None if you have common sense and have a good team of staff that knows what they’re doing.
[sp]but you wouldn’t be asking if you did[/sp]


On a serious note tho… It’s a good AC, just not as good as CAC

Again, I’m creating a DarkRP server. I don’t have much staff members.

Also, “common sense” would not stop people from cheating on my server. Lmao

QAC was bypassed longggggggggggggggg ago

Yes - I would use CAC by myself.

Competition is healthy.

Where can I hear more about this?

Not exactly sure where you can go to see. But I know one of my buddies told me a lot about it.

I’m interested as well, What buddies?

That’s not the issue, I’ve bypassed Cake myself, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s second to none when it comes to public ACs.

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And its an absolute pain to do so