Best DarkRP Map?

What is the best DarkRP map, what do you think?

Mine is personally bangclaw.


Bangclaw: 1

Flatgrass : 1

Downtown V2: 1

Anything besides Downtown (especially shitty edits), C17, or Bangclaw. I’d rather play DarkRP on Construct and Flatgrass than those three horribly overplayed maps.

Very true, I am so close to releasing my darkrp server and I want to know a nice map to play on, because to be honest I couldn’t agree more with you.

Why not make your own? yes, It takes time, but then its exactly how you like it. of course, you may want to check out the maps on the old garrysmod downloads website, there are some good ones there.

check out the mapping section too:

I know how to map, I have done some deathrun maps. But the point of this thread is to find the most popular map that already out. I do not want to make a darkrp map.

Downtown_V2 and her variants.
It’s a map that’s so simple, but so complex at the same time, and is so easy to mod to fit your own style of doing things.

A very common choice, but I can see why everyone likes it. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

try rp_headattackcity or rp_downtown_evilmelon, both are good maps that aren’t too overused (yet)

Thanks for the reply! In my opinion they look ok. I would prefer Downtown.

You can try the map gmod13_hotels it has a lot of features!!

Rp_locality is very nice. My buddy is working on a real nice map too that I can’t wait for… Not sure if he would want me saying anything about it though.

Wow… these suggestions are shit… try rp_rockford_v1b or rp_evocity_v33x

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21st December 2013

rp_downtown_ubyutown. An oldie, but a goodie. It has a built-in nightclub with (3?!) songs!

That’s a really beautiful map.

I’d have to say rp_c18_v2. Iv’e just always loved its simple edits.

hmm idea of making your own map sounds very cool.

I like evocity_v2b or evilmelon. Sad that if you use any of those you’ll get no players unless you’re big/well known