Best DarkRP Map

Every client is having FPS problems on my server with rp_chaos_city as the map.
Because of that I’m searching for a new map.
The map should not have FPS Problems, but should be big enough for vehicles.
Would be cool, if the map won’t require HL2.
Just post the map, that you find best for DarkRP!


gm_flatgrass shouldnt have any performance issues and should be big enough for vehicles, as well as it doesn’t require hl2!

[sp]modified rockford without doubt[/sp]



Well I thought that someone would say gm_flatgrass :smiley:
I just can find rockford in the workshop. What do you mean with “modified rockford”?
Did you modified it by yourself?

anything that isn’t a big box with buildings stuffed in it should help.



i’ll def go with rp_downtown_v2_v5_final_alpha_evilmelon_edit_sexy_underscore_v22b

Whatever happened to rp_bangclaw? That shit was the shit!



The map has a really awesome cave that people can base in.

The Evocities are ruined by the nonstop barking dog during the day and the gunshot loop during the night if they are on a dedicated server :frowning: Such a good map too.

I can’t believe nobody said rp_industrial17_v1.

That map is gorgeous - it has everything:
-hidden casino
-40’s styled bar
-laundry shop
-tons of space
-street shops
-train station
-basketball fields (ghetto alike)
-huge, combine citadel
-loads of corners and places
-sky bridges

Like, I played on it for 2 hours and still kept finding new places

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Kind of closed in for DarkRP. Lots of things to explore, but that also makes it hard to find other people. The main control center crashes the game with the console to the left of the chair. At least in single player.

I haven’t had a single issue with that map - other than doors being inaccessible because they are made for HL2:RP.

you could run an loop with those doors, and replace them per Lua, right?